Some people love to drive whenever they get a chance, so a European holiday provides them with tantalising possibilities. The world is a smaller place since the completion of the channel tunnel, as we can now jump in our cars and, theoretically, reach the far east without having to step out of them. I think you will agree, that is a mind blowing thought,

Most people would not dream of spending a great deal of their holiday sat behind the wheel of a car, but for those of you who may be thinking about a European tour, there are some helpful tips here that will make your driving experience a pleasurable one.

The Vehicle

Comfort is key to a good time. Hot hatches are well suited to high speed cornering and incredible acceleration, but for a sedate European tour, an executive model is best. Sports car suspension often gives a bumpier ride than a car built for cruising. Roads in many countries on the continent are in much better condition than the roads over here, so a luxury car will give an incredibly smooth ride.

Consider the mileage on your vehicle. If it very high, there is always a risk of a breakdown over there that could cut your holiday short. If you are not one hundred percent convinced that your car will last for the journey, do not take the risk. If you feel your car is up to the job, however, here are some basic maintenance tips that you should undertake before setting off.

  • Tyres. Are the tyres wearing down? If they have been on the car for over two years, it is best to replace them whatever you think their condition may be. The replacements may be very expensive depending on what vehicle you drive, but keep the old ones to use in future, so you will not be losing out.

  • Hoses. Engine coolant hoses are a major cause of breakdowns. They are very cheap to buy and easy to fit, so there is no reason not to change them on your vehicle.

  • Wiper Blades. It makes sense to fit new windscreen wiper blades on your car. They cost little and are fitted in minutes.

  • Oil. Replace the engine oil and filter with high quality products. This is no time to buy the cheapest oil from your local motor factors shop.

  • Brakes. Have the brake pads and shoes changed even if you think there is plenty of wear left in them?

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Pack as you would for any other holiday; you will need just as much stuff. Just because we have free access to Europe now doesn’t mean that you won’t need your passport. The passport is a common thing people forget until the last minute. Luckily, it is possible to get one quickly by visiting the Liverpool passport office.

Remember to pack your medication and take a spare prescription along with you in case a medical professional needs to see what you are taking if you fall ill.


Make sure your insurance covers you to drive in Europe but don’t rely on it to cover illness. Adequate travel insurance must be taken out as with any other holiday to protect you while you are over there.

Travelling by car is tiring but arguably less stressful than waiting around in airports or sitting on crowded trains. Many people have a great time when touring, buy a good satellite navigation unit, and you will have the time of your life. Just remember, the roads in Venice may not be what they appear.



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