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Everyone dreams of travelling someday, either for a short time or a whole year or two. If you’re going travelling, then here’s a list of tech things you need on your journey! Communication Download apps on your phone that let you communicate globally at no extra cost. Instant messaging apps like Whatsapp let you use WiFi to send and receive messages. With apps like Skype available on phone and laptop, […]

It’s strange to think that even ten years ago, there was very little for travelers to rely on. You booked your tickets, arrived at your destination, and made your way through your trip from there. These days, it’s a different story. Technology and the Internet have changed the way we can travel and see the world. So, here are five tools and gadgets that will help make your traveling experience […]

There are fond and not so fond memories of the British coast. We all have at least had one experience of trying to eat an ice cream in the pouring rain and the howling wind. It might give you a bad impression of holidaying here. Don’t think of English holidays as the result of a low budget. There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself domestically. You just have to […]

Glasgow is such a great city, and it is a shame that many people don’t go and see it. Perhaps that is to do with some of the many myths about the city. Well, perhaps it is now time to put the record straight and bust some of these myths wide open. Let’s take a look. 1: It’s dangerous Glasgow is the UK’s third biggest city and, as such, it […]