• We all fantasise in those darker moments at work of jacking it all in and travelling the world. Exploring exotic souks, trying new foods, visiting […]

  • We all like to look forward to our holidays. They’ll always be a much-needed break in what has probably been a hectic and difficult year. […]

  • Wherever you are travelling to, it is the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in something a little different. The world is filled with so much […]

  • Barcelona is one of those places that everyone dreams of going to. It’s contemporary, yet historical. It’s quirky but cool. It has everything that you […]

Image obtained from Flickr.com If you have no time or leave available this does not mean you should rule out the possibility of a holiday. Ski weekends are very popular action packed mini breaks that allow for plenty of time on the slopes but minimal time away from home and work. And there are so many reasons why skiing makes a great holiday, for example, it is an excellent form […]

For many people, travelling is all about learning. As you travel the world, you pick up new things, whether you set out to do so or not. You might catch on to a few phrases from the local language or learn the rules of the road in your latest destination. Some people even set out to educate themselves in a specific aspect of the country they’re visiting, such as the […]

Although most people don’t realise it, Europe is the number one destination for people who enjoy sporting holidays. You can get involved with almost anything on the continent if you choose to visit the right countries. With that in mind, this post will serve to highlight some of the sporting holidays you might like to consider. After reading through all the suggestions we’ve made below, we are quietly confident you’ll […]

Madrid is one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world. Whilst in the city, there are many great things to do. Many people steer clear of the city, because they think it will be expensive. Sure, Madrid is the capital of Spain, and many of the attractions aren’t cheap. That doesn’t mean that you have to have an expensive stay. There are many ways that you can explore the […]